Introducing Our New Community Leader

Serendipitous meetings are the best kind. And, I have a personal mantra to always say “yes” when unforeseen opportunities present themselves.

Ron Speaker, President of Equus Private Wealth, and I first met through my position at True Nature Healing Arts. He graciously joined our Board of Directors, contributing his wisdom to support True Nature’s transition to a 501 (3). On a “chance” meeting Ron explained his passion for creating a new organization called “Aspen Women’s Wealth”. Immediately, I was intrigued with the concept of creating a network of women who share the desire for freedom and independence that financial health and wealth can offer.

With a background in lifestyle, health and wellness, this was an “ah-ha” moment. While I have been responsible for the financial health of multiple businesses, including one as a publicly traded company, I had not brought in personal financial health as a part of my offerings that support individuals seeking to live their best and most meaningful lives.

Some more background information, here. I was raised by a single mom who worked in public accounting and built a successful career as a VP of finance for a large health care organization. “Take you daughter to workday” ruined me as a child, reconciling checks at eight years old. The experience made me swear off finance and accounting as, “not my thing.” However, my mother was the first person I called when I accepted this position. We both had a good laugh over me finally giving into my predisposed disposition. And, I will admit, this move feels very right and natural.

As a mother and entrepreneurial minded professional living in a valley full of economic diversity, my interest in economics, markets, investing, and personal finance has perked. Prior to meeting Ron, I had been educating myself, by getting in the game, and managing our personal finances. Ron bringing me on board, and his insistence that we work around my motherly duties, has been nothing short of a blessing. Studying for the Series 65 to become an Investment Advisor, has been surprisingly enjoyable. I am excited to share what I am learning and inspire women to become more active in their financial affairs.

Creating connections, experiences and forming relationships is a passion of mine. The opportunity to grow and develop the outreach of Aspen Women’s Wealth, creating a community based on empowerment, couldn’t come at a better time. Women are rising up more than ever, refusing to live small and claiming the life that they choose.

I look forward to building personal relationships with clients, meeting new badass ladies, and getting women in the game who have the desire become financially savvy, but don’t know where to start.

We are going to have some fun! I invite you to reach out and become part of the movement.

In gratitude,

Raychl Keeling

Chief Alliance Officer

Equus Private Wealth + Aspen Women’s Wealth

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