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Inaugural Aspen Women's Wealth Forum

On June 3rd, 2021, the Aspen Women’s Wealth community hosted its first event at the Hotel Jerome which focused on education and empowerment. Our keynote speakers included Candice Carpenter Olson, Jeanne Doremus, and Ron Speaker with Jillian Livingston serving as moderator. We had over 40 guests in attendance from a variety of age groups and backgrounds.

Jeanne Doremus covered the five essentials of estate planning including trusts/wills, a “memo from heaven”, tax issues, living wills and power of attorney (financial & medical). Her deep experience helping families navigate these complex issues provided a basic framework for attendees to consider in their own life planning.

Candice Carpenter Olson covered her adventures with money and finding purpose. She spoke about her career that ranged from a $250 per month paycheck to a $1 billion IPO, and how her relationship with money has developed over her life. Her insight into the dance between material and spiritual and money’s important role in our growth highlighted how our relationship with money can change and grow over time.

Ron Speaker shared his story about his relationship with wealth, missed opportunities, overcoming fear, and the importance of women’s financial literacy in family dynamics. He highlighted the necessity of having your own account and provided eight actionable steps to get started.

We look forward to collaborating with members to find relevant speakers and topics to continue educating and empowering the women of this community. For any feedback of the event or ideas for future events please contact We look forward to growing together!

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