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What's The Deal
With Venture Capital

Tuesday October 5th
Here House 
614 E Cooper Ave
Next to Local Coffee

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Whether you are already a confident investor in VC funds, or just wondering what all the fuss is about, this panel of VC superstars will illuminate venture in a new way, taking us from the basics to the nuances:

  • How does venture differ from other investments and capital sources?

  • What are the differences between funds?

  • Why is deal flow so essential to success, and how have the panelists solved for this?

  • Why did only 2% of venture funding go to women-owned firms in 2020?

  • If you want to invest in a venture fund, how would you begin to pick one and gain access?

  • How do you grow up to be a venture capitalist?

  • Is venture a positive force in the world?

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