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Empowering women to take action in their financial affairs

Aspen Women's Wealth is incorporated as a non-profit, created to help when you are ready to become more engaged in your financial affairs. Our steady stream of encouraging Instagram posts, monthly blog posts, and free in-person events helps you make connections, learn from leaders in the industry, and remind you that you are more qualified than you may feel.


"I  encouraged my wife to get more involved with our financial affairs after completing our estate planning several years ago. I was haunted by the thought of someone less qualified than myself taking over if I was to pass on too early, and I wanted her to be a savvy family financial quarterback. It was challenging to figure out a way to share the valuable financial lessons that I have learned over 36 years of professional investing without interrupting the rhythm of a household with two young children.


In response, I created Aspen Women's Wealth in 2020 to organize resources, recommend books, provide frequent financial inspiration in easily digestible bites, and host several in-person events each year to help women make connections. My goal was to help educate my family, our friends, existing clients, and women who have reached out for financial direction over the years. It would be a way to serve both my family and community." 

-Ron Speaker, Founder


Founder + Education Director



Equus Private Wealth is a proud sponsor of Aspen Women's Wealth committed to donating a portion of revenue from our advisory business to supporting women's financial empowerment.