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90% of women will be solely responsible for their family finances at some point in their lifetime

Only 52% of women are confident managing their own money compared to 68% of men

Women outlive men by a 2:1 ratio by the age of 85

Aspen Women's Wealth Forum

In June 2021, Aspen Women's Wealth hosted the first Aspen Women's Wealth Forum, underwritten by Equus Private Wealth. The forum was an introductory event to a new resource for empowering women's financial education in the Roaring Fork Valley. Our presenters covered 3 keys themes to financial fitness. Estate Planning, Investments and Financial Planning. We look forward to hosting the next Aspen Women's 

The wealth forum founders commit to providing unbiased, uncompensated content to our community. 

Curated Resources

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Financial Planning

Having a plan in place is an important first step. This section provides resources to help build a solid foundation to get your affairs in order. 

Estate Planning

Too many people pass without a plan in place for their estate. Our resources are here to help break down the complexities of the process. 


Where should you put your money? This section is dedicated to understanding investable asset classes given your level of risk tolerances. Not all portfolios are created equal.